The Poet Society In Partnership With Trireme Athletic Academy


What’s your Story?
– Bi-Monthly gatherings of people from all walks of life reflecting and sharing their stories.
– Every session will feature a toastmaster that has a powerful story to inspire others to share.
– The sessions are for reflection, self-assessment, and therapeutic purposes
– Using the #WhatsYourStory this conversation can carry-on through social media @thepoetsociety and @TriremeAthleticAcademy
– Picture a support group for the soul
– A place where everyone is equal and judgments are left at the door
– Featuring Poet Society Speak-Up T’s

– Quarterly History sessions featuring guest speakers and scholars. (4 Times a Year)
– Telling the untold History of the World and the origin of things and concepts that we take for granted.
– What does it mean to be a King?
– What is Earth?
– What is Country?
– Sometimes you don’t have to look very far to dig deep within your mind.